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AABCNC Business Meeting 2024

Alex Robling, President AACBNC



Date, Time & Location

January 26, 2024  •  11:30 AM  •  St. Kitts


Expected Attendees

Robling (President)  •  Executive Committee  •  Membership



Minutes of 2023 meeting; Financial Report (Single PDF - click here)

Order of Business

1. Approval of minutes of 2023 Business meeting (see PDF)

2. Review of Current office holders

  • President: Alex Robling (2023-2025)

  • President-elect: Gary Bassell (2023-2025)

  • Past President: Rick Sumner (2023-2025)

  • Secretary-Treasurer: Raj Ettarh (2023-2026)

  • Councilors: Wendy Macklin (2023-2025); David Morton (2023-2025); Kirk McHugh (2022-2024); Douglas Gould (2022-2024)

  • Representative CFAS: Jeff Laitman (2023-2026)

       In-coming office holders

Councilors: Kirk McHugh (2024-2026); Douglas Gould (2024-2026)

3. President’s Report and Announcements (Robling).

  • FASEB Hill Day 2023 (Sumner)

  • CFAS Rep report (Laitman): see PDF

  • Memberships (Robling): AAMC/CFAS, Research!America, Annual renewals

  • Sign-on letters: No sign-on requests were received during the year.

4. Nominating committee and elections (Robling): ​elections ​for councilors on the Executive Committee were held late in November 2023. McHugh and Gould agreed to serve a second term. In-coming councilors are Kirk McHugh (second term) and Douglas Gould (second term).

5. Greetings from AAA (Robling) -- from Martine Dunnwald (President) and Christine Ross (Executive Director)

6. New Chairs

7. Candidates for Emeritus Membership status (Robling): Carol Gregorio, Sylvia Smith

8. In memoriam

9. Auditors Report (Robling): auditors for 2023 financial accounts

10. Financial Report (Ettarh): see PDF

11. Proposed Budget (Ettarh): see PDF 

12. Membership & Asset history (Ettarh): see PDF

13. Other Business 

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