AACBNC Members


Registration = $425 = membership dues for 2021-2022.

  1. Members who have already paid their 2021-2022 annual dues, and emeritus members, are automatically registered for the meeting free. There is nothing more to do. A meeting link will be sent in February 2022.

  2. Members who have not paid their annual dues for 2021-2022 can register to attend the meeting by clicking the green button below to renew their membership. Renewal will also automatically register for the meeting, and a meeting link will be sent in February 2022.

  3. Click here details of the meeting program.

Non-Member Meeting Registration

Thank you for your interest in the Annual Meeting of the AACBNC.

  1. The registration fee for non-members is $450. To pay, please click the button below OR contact the AACBNC Administrator America Ortega at america@aacbnc.org (or call 909-4905907) to arrange payment. Only credit card payments can be accepted.

  2. Following registration, log on access details for the meeting will be sent to you by email in February 2022.

  3. Click here details of the meeting program.


Many thanks