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  1. Members who have already paid their 2020-2021 annual dues, and emeritus members, are automatically registered for the meeting free. There is nothing more to do. A meeting link will be sent in February 2022.

  2. Members who have not paid their annual dues for 2021-2022 can register to attend the meeting by clicking the green button below to renew their membership. Renewal will also automatically register for the meeting, and a meeting link will be sent in February 2022.

  3. See details of the meeting program below.

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Thank you for your interest in the Annual Meeting of the AACBNC.

  1. The registration fee for non-members is $450. To pay, please click the button below OR contact the AACBNC Administrator America Ortega at (or call 909-4905907) to arrange payment. Only credit card payments can be accepted.

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  3. See details of the meeting program below.


Many thanks

AMSNDC AACBNC 2021 InteractiveAd.jpg

Joint AACBNC/AMSNDC 2021 Meeting Program 

Thursday, Feb 18, 2021

11:00 ET

Welcome and introductions
Lynne Opperman, President AACBNC
Lucia Notterpek, President AMSNDC

11:10 ET

Panel 1 - Departmental Impact of SARS-CoV-2

Part I: Budgets | Teaching | Training | Restrictions   
Moderator: Lynne Opperman
Panel: Kamran Khodakhah - Albert Einstein COM, NY
            Paul Micevych - UCLA
            Christi Walter - Univ Texas

12:10 ET

Health Impacts of COVID and Research Opportunities

Joshua A Gordon, MD, PhD

Director - National Institute of Mental Health


12:50 ET          Break

1:00 ET  Panel 2 - Departmental Impact of SARSCoV-2

NIH COVID-19 Survey Report

Nina F. Schor, MD PhD, Deputy Director NINDS

Part II: Faculty Evaluations | Productivity |

Grants | Recruitment

Moderator: Lucia Notterpek

Panel: Wendy Macklin - Univ CO

Cheryl Dreyfus - UNDNJ

Sue Menko - Thomas Jefferson Univ PA


2:00 ET

COVID-19 and Medical Education: A National Perspective on Events and Selected Impacts
Alison J. Whelan, MD
Chief Medical Education Officer, AAMC

2:50 ET           New Chair Introductions

3:00 ET

Breakout Rooms:

1. Brain Initiative 2.0

John Ngai, PhD

Director, NIH BRAIN Initiative

2. Updates on Virtual Teaching of Gross Anatomy

Jennifer Brueckner Collins - Univ Louisville, KY
Matthew Kesterke - Texas A&M Univ

3:45 ET

Closing Remarks / Discussion
Virtual Happy Hour

Friday, Feb 19, 2021

11:00 ET

Welcome and introductions
Lucia Notterpek, President AMSNDC

Lynne Opperman, President AACBNC

11:10 ET  Breaking the Silence in Uncertain

         Times: Addressing Racism in Medical                        Education

David Acosta, MD
Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer, AAMC 


12:00 ET

Panel 3 - Moderated Q&A

  • NIH funding for diversity initiatives

  • Faculty recruitment for diversity

  • How to talk about race, gender and unconscious bias

Moderator: Lucia Notterpek

Panel: David Acosta - AAMC
            Bill Guido - Univ Louisville, KY
            Gonzalo Torres - CUNY

            Lynne Opperman - Texas A&M Univ


12:50 ET          Break

1:00 ET

Navigating the treacherous waters of disruptive approaches to faculty hiring and shared governance at a R1 doctoral university.
Philip H Kass
Vice Provost, Academic Affairs, UC Davis

1:50 ET

Panel 4: Q&A

  • Legal issues in recruiting for diversity

  • Issues related to diversity/role model

  • Growing your own diverse faculty

Moderator: Lynne Opperman
Panel: Philip Kass - UC Davis

            Sandra Inouye - Midwestern Univ, IL
            Sunny Nakae - CUSM, CA
            Tim Ebner - Univ Minnesota

2:40 ET

AACBNC Business Meeting
AMSNDC Business Meeting

3:40 ET

Closing Remarks / Discussion
Virtual Happy Hour

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