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AACBNC Membership (Annual)



Membership of AACBNC. You can vote at meetings and run for officer elections

Starts July 1st.


Emeritus AACBNC Membership



Membership of AACBNC (with limitations)

Valid until canceled

Cannot vote or run for certain offices


Members Only Area


**NEW! Members Only area on the AACBNC website.**

Use the Members Only link in the Membership drop down menu to access the new Members Only area of the website.



Chairs, interim chairs, or permanent substitutes appointed by the Chair of departments of anatomy, cell biology and neurobiology, or equivalent organizational units, in schools of medicine, dentistry, veterinary medicine and osteopathic medicine or in universities granting Ph.D. degrees in these disciplines in the United States, Puerto Rico and Canada shall be eligible for membership. Presidents, directors, or permanent substitutes appointed by the president or director of institutes or centers for education or research in the anatomical, cell biological, or neurobiological sciences are also eligible for membership.  

Schools must be accredited by the appropriate national-accrediting body. The AACBNC Executive Committee will serve as a reviewer of the accrediting body and of the institutes and centers. A school in which an equivalent organizational unit is not readily identifiable may be invited to designate a member of the faculty to represent that school as a member.

Members shall not be permitted to send alternates or substitutes to meetings of the Association except under unusual circumstances and only with the permission of the majority of the Executive Committee of the Association.


Emeritus Membership


Individuals who cease to be a chairperson are eligible for Emeritus membership if they have been a member of the AACBNC for 10 years or more or if they have made significant contributions to the Association. Individuals may request to become an Emeritus Member or be nominated by any member of the Association. Nominations should be made to the Secretary-Treasurer. The Executive Committee recommends candidates to the membership for approval at the Annual Meeting. Emeritus membership requires a majority vote of the membership present at the meeting. Emeritus members do not pay dues and have all rights and privileges within the Association as do regular members apart from the right to vote and hold office on the Executive Committee with the exception of the office of Secretary-Treasurer. They do have the right to run for the office of Secretary-Treasurer and if elected they would be exempt from paying dues and would serve in the capacity of a regular member of the Association including the right to vote. Emeritus members do have the right to be a Representative of the Association.


Member Benefits

Members can attend the annual meeting of the association, vote at elections, and run for offices on the executive committee. Members and their social guests receive negotiated hotel rates at meetings.

The annual meeting represents a forum for members to discuss and exchange ideas about research and research funding, education, departmental leadership and advocacy.



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