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Membership and Attendance

Chairs, interim chairs, or permanent substitutes appointed by the Chair of departments of anatomy, cell biology and neurobiology, or equivalent organizational units, in schools of medicine, dentistry, veterinary medicine and osteopathic medicine or in universities granting Ph.D. degrees in these disciplines in the United States, Puerto Rico and Canada shall be eligible for membership. Presidents, directors, or permanent substitutes appointed by the president or director of institutes or centers for education or research in the anatomical, cell biological, or neurobiological sciences are also eligible for membership.  

Schools must be accredited by the appropriate national-accrediting body. The AACBNC Executive Committee will serve as a reviewer of the accrediting body and of the institutes and centers.

A school in which an equivalent organizational unit is not readily identifiable may be invited to designate a member of the faculty to represent that school as a member.

Members shall not be permitted to send alternates or substitutes to meetings of the Association except under unusual circumstances and only with the permission of the majority of the Executive
Committee of the Association.

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