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2024 AACBNC Annual meeting 

St. Kitts and Nevis 

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Day one:

Topics discussed: Virtual Sessions

“High risk/high reward funding opportunities at the Federal level.”

“High-risk/high reward funding opportunities through the NIH Office of Strategic Coordination.

High-risk/high reward and other biomedical funding opportunities through the Department of Defense/CDMRP (Virtual presentation)”

High-risk/high reward funding opportunities through the Advanced Research Projects Agency for Health (ARPA-H; Virtual Presentation)”

Day two

Topics Discussed: in person sessions in the beautiful country of St. Kitts Nevis 

"Vertical integration of basic science curriculum in medical education.” 

“What is vertical integration, and why do we care?”

“Finding time in a traditional UME curriculum”

“All pre-clerkship systems are gone; now what?”

"Graduate medical education and beyond”

Day three

“The rapidly evolving use of Artificial Intelligence in biomedical research and education.”

"Research, teaching, and work in the age of generative AI”

“Navigating innovation and education in the generative AI era”

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